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REXEM - Roesner's EXperimental Earth Movers - the king of earthmovers

In 2010 I finally started to build my dream machine, a radio control motor grader. From childhood onwards, this was the most fascinating earthmover to me. So of course I wanted to build a radio control version when I became older and had access to a basic workshop. But the challenge to go beyond the relatively simple kitbashing and aluminium chassis I had built previously, was immense and it took several years of preparation, reading forum posts and then some planning in CAD to feel ready. I wanted to do as much as possible myself with simple tools: A drill press (pillar drill), a vise, an electric jig saw, a soldering iron and an assortment of hand tools - and hours spent on ebay trying to find the parts I needed.

The (never) Completed Grader in 2013

I set out to implement all functions of a full size grader, using electro-mechanical drives - no hydraulics, which is a bit ironic, considering how much my job deals with hydraulics. Projects like this are never finished, but in 2012 I had completed what I believe to be the first fully functional 6x6 model grader. Over the next years I gradually upgraded every part of the grader and currently (2019), I am working to take the mouldboard level control from proof-of-concept to fully operational, including a new front end for the grader.
These are the functions, operated by two modified Turnigy 9x radio transmitters:
  1. forward/reverse (6x6 with torque-balanced tandems)
  2. steering
  3. frame articulation
  4. front wheel lean
  5. left circle lift
  6. right circle lift
  7. circle float left on/off
  8. circle float right on/off
  9. circle sideshift
  10. circle rotation
  11. mouldboard angle of attack
  12. mouldboard sideshift
  13. saddle rotation clamp on/off
  14. front blade up/down
  15. rear ripper up/down
  16. remote selection of mouldboard level control scheme (WIP)
  17. automatic brake and reversing lights plus manual light switch for main lights
After buying a 3D printer, I have now also started a 1/32 scale fleet, including so far a grader and an 8x8 wheel dozer. You can see the machines on my youtube and instagram.
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