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Olympus X-200, D-560Z, C-350Z Infrared Sensitivity

Camera: Olympus X-200, D-560Z, C-350Z
Filter: none
Exposure time: 1/200
F-stop: 3.1
ISO speed: 64
Focal length: 5.8000
White balance: Automatic
EV: 11.5522
Camera: Olympus X-200, D-560Z, C-350Z
Filter: Heliopan 715nm IR pass filter
Exposure time: 200/100
F-stop: 3.1
ISO speed: 256
Focal length: 5.8000
White Balance: Automatic
EV: 0.90839
The specification(s) I have read say that the camera has an ISO rating up to 400. However, I could not get any more than 256. I suppose that ISO 400 is used for shorter exposures - ISO 400 might not be used for long exposures due to too much noise. That said, the picture is a bit too dark. The camera has a night-scene mode, but I found no difference between that and programme auto.

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