Panagor Macro Converter

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Panagor Makro Converter Panagor Macro Converter
Mount: Pentax K
Build quality: good
Filter thread: -
Infrared Mark: -

Intended to give 10:1 to 1:1 (live-size) macro with 50mm lenses set to infinity, you can indeed get even larger than life when focussing the "master" lens closer. The nice thing about _this_ Panagor is that it has a collar where you can attach a flash to. I use my "old" Metz 32 CT3 and a TTL extension cord. Set the shutter speed to 1/180 and the aperture to f/16 (or whatever you want) and you're ready to go. You can focus with the aperture wide open, which eases getting precise focus very much. One note: This converter does NOT focus to infinity as the similar Vivitar macro-tele-converters. It uses "only" four elements and not seven like the more expensive Vivitars.

Shots taken with the Revuenon 55mm 1.2

Morer shots with the Panagor can be found here: Panagor_&_Revuenon_55mm.html

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