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Sony DSC-S50 Infrared Sensitivity

Camera: Sony DSC-S50
Filter: none
Exposure time: 1/60
F-stop: 14.0
ISO speed: 80
Focal length: 6.1000
White balance: Automatic
EV: 13.8435
Camera: Sony DSC-S50
Filter: Heliopan 715nm IR pass filter
Exposure time: 1/6
F-stop: 2.8
ISO speed: 80
Focal length: 6.1000
White Balance: Automatic
EV: 5.8777
The camera has no real manual mode but at least you can use shutter priority to achieve longer expsure times than in Auto mode, where it is limited to 1/30s and faster. The pictures were taken in the "moon+" setting. Here the camera allows longer exposure times automatically. However, it does not boost ISO.

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