The Poll Results

Someone had a problem with wGetGUI: It was too large for his 640x480 screen. I came up with a "wide" wGetGUI instead of the tall one.
As I did not care much, I created a small poll to ask for user opinions. The results can be seen below. At first I was hesitating, but I now like the wide version better, too.

Which version is better?
the tall one (1) 3%
the wide one (23) 62%
both are good (7) 19%
both are not good (2) 5%
I don't care (4) 11%
I don't know (0) 0%
tall This is the "tall" version, the way wGetGUI was.
wide And this is an a shot of an early development stage of the "wide" version, fitting even on a 640x480 screen.


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