Olympus modding: The Olympus 2040IR "Monster"

Be sure to read my modding disclaimer here before proceeding.

Once I had my Olympus C-2040 Zoom converted to the 2040IR I got hooked and found possibility after possibility which could be done. I'd be happy if you follow on this journey from a broken 2040 bought on ebay to a 2040IR "Monster".

"Look Mum, I created a monster!"

Currently, the 2040IR is my main IR camera, and I removed most of the attachments.

So, what can this baby do?

Reader Gabriel also modded his 2040 and says the following:
I couldn't get glass in time, so I used 3mm
thick acrylic (plexiglass) to replace the hot mirror.
It's seems  to be working really well, with no obvious
As for the acrylic, I work at a university and we have
big sheets of acrylic laying around. These are coated
on both sides with protective paper, so scratches
weren't as much of a concern as getting all the glue
off (I soaked in Isopropyl alcohol for about 15

Hey, great, another reader, Charles, has converted his 2040 to a 2040IR "Monster"!

Read more about his IR collar.

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