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Post-processing of infrared pictures with modded cameras

Olympus 2040IR

With my modified 2040IR I usually use manual White Balance, the result is usually nearly greyscale. The only postprocessing I may do is the same as with my 2020: Channel swapping (has much less effect with the 2040IR) or conversion to greyscale to get rid of any colour-cast. This procedure is the same for all modded cameras with a white balancing algorithm that works when you use foliage or somathing similar.
If I use two polarizers (see here for details), things vary a bit: At maximum extinction, the resulting picture is defacto greyscale. If I dial in more colour, I usually want to have that colour in the picture - so no postprocessing.
Sometimes, my 2040 still has some colour in its shots when using my Heliopan 715nm filter. Here's what can be done then:
Manual white balance on foliage. Late afternoon, just at the beginning of sunset:
Exposure time: 1/40
F-stop: 1.8
ISO speed: 100
Focal length: 7.3000
Then: Swap red&blue, manual levels, saturation adjustment to get a blue sky. USMed. Easy. (It looks a bit oversharpened when resized.)

Another example (take your preference...)

Without Post-processing

Auto-Smart-Fix in Photo Shop Elements 3.0

Manual RGB-histogram adjustment and blue&red swap similar to what Luben Solev recommends.

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